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How do I list on Facebook Marketplace without friends seeing? To list an item on Facebook Marketplace without friends seeing, first open Facebook and sign into your account. Next, click on the three lines in the top left corner of the screen and select “Marketplace.” On the next screen, click on the “List an Item” button in the top. Ever lost your FaceBook fan page? Has your facebook account got hacked (compromised)? This happened to many of the peoples out there due to hackers, by mistake, etc. But what do you do if this happened to your Facebook page? I just came across those links on Facebook help page: Facebook has provided an option in order to recover deleted page. Listings will be based on your location by default, but you can change it. Groups. Facebook Groups combines posts from all the groups you're a part of into its own feed. Similar to suggestions that pop up on your regular feed, you'll see some suggested groups here. It's a circular icon with three people and can be removed. Watch. Facebook’s Terms and Conditions shed some light on why its users are experiencing restored content: “When you delete IP content, it is deleted in a. Refer to the listed steps below to recover deleted FB account and regain the access of your account. Go to the Facebook website and log in using your previous credentials. Once your deleted Facebook account is found with your previous ID and Password, you will be provided with two choices viz; "Confirm Deletion" or "Cancel Deletion.". Facebook only lets you undo messages up to 10 minutes after sending them. Once that time is up, you can only delete the message from your side of the chat. And deleted messages can still be reported to Facebook, so if it's something vulgar you wanted to take back, if another person saw it and feels like reporting it, they can even after its. Cads. ClioSport Club Member. Cayman 981, C180 Est. Feb 20, 2021. #1. As per the title really. I recently sold something via FB marketplace. After a few days had passed i deleted the advert which deletes the message thread between the buyer and me. I now wish to contact them. Then, access the Facebook Marketplace by tapping on its icon. Tap on the “Sell” option. Choose the category of the item you want to sell. Take a picture of your item or choose up to 10 pictures from your camera roll. Then click on “Add photos” to upload them to your listing. Add a thorough description of your item. Our guide will show you how to restore a post you've deleted from within the Facebook mobile application. Note: These screenshots were captured in the Facebook app on iOS. Step 1: Tap the three. Step 4. Click "Sent Messages." Each person you've ever sent a message to on Facebook will be listed once, with the most recent message you've sent that person showing as a preview. The people are listed with the most recent person you've sent a message to first. Select the disk from the app’s disk list. Click the Search for lost data button button to start scanning the disk. Preview the photos that you want to get back from the Pictures folder. Make your selection and click Recover. Choose a new location where the photos will be saved. Variant 4. Via a Data Recovery Service. Contact Facebook By Phone Call. Facebook customer care service phone number is (650) 543-4800. If you’re from outside of the united states, make sure to. On the Messenger app. Open the app and click on the gear icon, labeled "Settings". Click on "People". Click " Message Requests". You'll likely see a few messages in here, but to see everyone, click " See filtered requests". Inside will be your missing messages. Find the message/conversation you want to be deleted in your Marketplace inbox. Once you find it, tap and swipe the conversation to the left to access the message actions. Tap on the trash bin icon to delete the conversation in the message actions. Once you confirm the action, this will delete the entire conversation and its messages. i got the association number back, by looking at the number on the url on my merchant control panel for the item. but when i put that number in, to re-associate the item, the marketplace couldn't find it. so i had to re-create the listing. okay, that's on me. BUT... two people bought the (wrong) item. To delete your account in the app, just go to your profile > Settings > Edit Account, tap "Delete Account," and fill out the form. Once your request is received, your account will be deleted. Keep in mind: If you still have items listed, incomplete direct deposits, or in-progress orders, we will not be able to delete your account. Be sure to delete all listings and complete all transactions. Step 7) Complete. If you have followed the guide correctly, Facebook will set your item to active so it will be visible to people. It will also take. On the web: Click your name in the top-right and go to "Your account". Then scroll down to the "Advanced features" section, click on "Undelete a group", and then select the deleted group from the list that appears. On iPhone or Android: In your "Recent activity" feed, tap on the entry for when the group was originally deleted. The app will ask. Click the Messenger icon in the top right corner of the Facebook website. For the uninitiated, that's the little speech bubble with a lightning bolt running through it.. I'm so excited to share the news of a Facebook Marketplace new feature called Delete & Relist! It's exactly what it says and it's super awesome! Watch your. Check out FB Purity's blog for more info.. This browser extension has been really popular for hiding the Timeline and News Ticker in the past, which means it can do a lot more than just hide smilies. So, make sure to read up on the full add-on before you jump right in. For now, it's all we have until Facebook adds an official option, which will most likely be never. And, when the profile picture appears next to the message, it means the person has seen your message. When you uninstall the Messenger app, people will see a hollow grey circle with a tick inside. .
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Click it. In the drop-down menu, select who you would like to see your Friends list. Select one option from this list: Public: Anyone can see your Friends list. Friends: Only your Friends can see.

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